December 2018

We could not be more excited that Rev. Dexter Kearny and Rev. Elizabeth Kearny are our co-pastors here at LPC! We invite you to meet them!


  • "From Here to There" 12/02/18.mp318:13

Read The Daily News article  (from August 2016) about our co-pastors here:

  • "The Dawn from on High" 12/9/18.mp314:39

You can listen to and/or read the most recent sermon here:

  • "Rahab" 10/14/18.mp322:16

  • "Tabitha" 11/18/18.MP313:45

Pastor Ron Naff graciously filled our pulpit on November 25th.  Thank you, Pastor Ron!

You can listen to and/or read the sermons of the previous couple of months here...

Sermon Archives

October 2018

  • "Anna" 10/28/18.mp318:04

3808 Pennsylvania Street      LONGVIEW, WASHINGTON

  • "The Samaritan Woman" 11/04/18.MP314:30
Longview Presbyterian Church

  • "Shiphrah and Puah" 10/7/18.mp316:37

November 2018

Elizabeth and Dexter Kearny

Meet Our Pastors

  • "The Widow" 11/11/18.MP319:12

  • "The Shunammite Woman"10/21/18.MP316:10

  • "A Just and Righteous King" 11/2518.MP317:32