Read The Daily News article  (from August 2016) about our co-pastors here:

  • "O Give Thanks" 3/11/18.mp318:06

  • "Can I Get a Testimony?" 5/13/18.mp324:17

You can listen to and/or read the most recent sermon here:

  • "Vulnerability's Surprising Gift" 3/18/18.mp323:38

  • "The Love That Makes Us Odd" 4/15/18.mp322:07

May 2018

  • "While It Was Still Dark" 4/1/18.MP321:56

  • "The Center of Our Faith" 5/6/18.mp312:48

March 2018

  • "The Revolution of Intimacy" 5/20/18.mp312:14

  • Special Music 3/4/18.mp34:26

  • The Temptations of Jesus 3/4/18.mp311:43

  • "Love in Action" 4/22/18.mp313:14

Rev. John Steppert graced our pulpit on March 4th:

Meet Our Pastors

special music

  • "Only By Grace" Duet 9/3/17.mp34:04

You can listen to and/or read the sermons of the previous couple of months here...

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3808 Pennsylvania Street      LONGVIEW, WASHINGTON

Longview Presbyterian Church

April 2018

We could not be more excited that Rev. Dexter Kearny and Rev. Elizabeth Kearny are our co-pastors here at LPC! We invite you to meet them!


Elizabeth and Dexter Kearny

  • "Walk the Walk" 4/8/18.mp316:30